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How to throw a fun COVID-safe kids birthday party in a pandemic in 2022?

by Lucy Zhao on December 31, 2021

Hooray! Another year we survive from COVID-19. How are you and your kids doing? How are you planning to celebrate your kids’ birthday during social distancing? Any activities for fun? And precautions to prevent COVID-19?   

wernnsai watercolor dinosaur birthday party

Ways of Kids Birthday Party Celebrations

“Celebrating is injecting something joyful into a time that is tough.” Birthdays, as an important social ritual for the birthday boy or girl to feel a strong sense of love and belonging,are usually about getting together with friends and family and share happiness. When thinking of planning a birthday party nowadays, we may need to check our local epidemic updates and the ordinance on gatherings to decide where to hold the party, who we will invite, what we can do, how long it will last and more.


There are 3 ways to celebrate kids’ birthday during the pandemic. If the local restriction allows, most parents prefer to throw their kids with a birthday party at home or outdoors to cheer them up. That is--We invite a few close friends of the birthday kid and the direct family members, prepare party decorations,  food and cake, play some activities and unbox the gifts. We need to pay attention to proper social distance during the party though (Check COVID precautions at the end of this blog for more ideas).   


drive-by parade

Drive-by parade is an creative and popular way to have more family and friends involved in on kids’ birthdays in these two years. Friends and family of the birthday kid will pass by his house, say ‘Happy Birthday’, drop the gifts, and drive away. Kids will be super happy to see all his/her beloved ones that haven’t seen for a while and feel be loved. This could be the best birthday gift and amazing birthday memories.


kids online birthday party wernnsai
Online parties are good for quarantined family, sick birthday kids and more. Every birthday is a milestone, especially for kids who grow so fast each year. If you don’t plan to invite guests to your home, an online birthday party can be a good alternative. If you plan to do some activities online together, make sure you send the necessary items to your guests early.  


Fun Social-Distancing Party Activities for Kids

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Many people are wondering what are some proper social-distancing activities for kids to play during the COVID-safe party. Here I will list a a few for your reference.  
  • Scavenger Hunt. Hide the gifts at home or around the house and give hints. The birthday kid will have so much fun by trying hard to find the gifts here and there.   
WERNNSAI toss game with bean bags


  •  Toss game. Children need to line up six feet away from each other and toss the bean bag into the holes to get the scores. You can set a distance for kids to make it challenging.   

  • Pictionary cards. Choose a pictionary card, and try to play it out or describe it out. To make it a competition, you can also have pairs work together in limited time. 

unicorn pin the horn wernnsai


  • Pin the horn. Paste the poster on the wall with dot stickers, then wear the blindfold, take a horn and pin it on the unicorn (or other themes), who's closer who wins.There are 24 horns for players to have fun; so players can have their own one and line up to take turns.  


  • Headbandz is the fast-paced, easy to play question game of “What am I?” Ask “yes” or “no”questions before time runs out to figure out if the cartoon card on your headband is an animal, food or object. Earn 3 scoring badges to win. 


dart board wernnsai


  • Dart boards. Similar to the toss game, dart game is also a great physical activity for kids to consume their energy and have fun. Who’s gonna be the winner? Let the scores tell.


    Tips of Precautions for children’s birthday parties in the pandemic

    To help you with a COVID-friendly birthday party for your little one, we summarizes some advice from CDC guidelines for safe gatherings, preventing getting sick and Health Essentials' grad gathering tips for your reference.


    covid prevention
    1. Get vaccinated. Vaccination can prevent you and your guests from the infection of COVID-19 to some extent.       
    2. Keep masks on. You’d better prepare masks for your guests on the entry and remind them to keep a mask on all the time.
    3. Limit the number of guests and the duration of the party. Fewer people and shorter periods can lower the chance to catch the COVID.  
    4. Throw an outdoor birthday party! Outdoors are more spacious andventilated than indoors.
    5. Keep six feet away and less physical contact, especially when eating and drinking.
    6. Clean and disinfect. Have alcohol-based hand sanitizers within guests’ reach so they can wash hands frequently.     
    7. Individually packed food and drinks. Experts advise party planners to offer the individually packed food and drinks. For example, get everyone a small cake or a cupcake rather than share a cake.


    wernnsai wish you a happy new year
    We wish you a Happy New Year and a fun COVID-friendly birthday party for your kids. Hope you can find some inspiration for planning your kids’ birthday from us.



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