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by Lucy Zhao on January 28, 2022

Kids love dinosaurs for no reason. They can introduce all their dinosaur friends to you without mispronuncing any of their names. And they will go crazy about a dinosaur party of their own. Why don't we throw a dinosaur paty and make him/her the happiest one in the world?!

wernnsai terrific watercolor dinosaur party

 How to throw a ultimate dinosaur party for kids?

Planning a dinosaur-themed birthday party can be hard. However, here you will be highly assisted with sufficient dinosaur party supplies, steps, activities and other details on how to prepare for a successful dinosaur party that hits.

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Roarsome Party Elements You May Consider for the Dino Party

Where would you love to throw the roarsome party? Indoors or outdoors?

How many people are you going to invite?

Are you going to make it a big party or a small one?

No matter what, there are some party elements that you can consider to level up your dino-mite' birthday party:

Dinosaur party invitation cards

Dinosaur party package kit (plates, cups, napkins, a dinosaur banner, balloons and more)

Dinosaur cake and cookies

Dinosaur figuers

Leaves (plastic or real)

Dinosaur KT board/ cutouts

Dinosaur party backdrop

Dinosaur party hats for kids

Dinosaur party goodie bags

Dinosaur party drawstring gift bags

Dinosuar party cupcake stand

Dinosuar cupcake toppers

dinosaur apron for activities

Dinosaur dart board game

Dinosaur centerpieces hanging swirls

Dinosaur gift wrapping papers

Extra balloons

And more


Terrific Dinosaur Party Preparation, Setup and Process

Once you decide to go with this dinosaur party and know where and when you are going to throw the birthday party for your kiddos, collect all the party supplies you need and send out invitation cards and wrap up the gifts beforehand. When you know how many people are going to come over, you can prepare for the cake, snacks, food and drinks. 

wernnsai dinosaur party gift wrapping

Now it's the day before the birthday, let's get the balloon garland ready—make sure you get enough balloons for that.

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On the party day, we can firstly set up the dessert table with cakes, cookies and other snacks.

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wernnsai watercolor dinosaur party supplies cupcake toppers
wernnsai watercolor dinosaur party dessert table decorations dinosaur party ideas dinosaur party store

Set the dinosaur KT boards/cutouts and hang the centerpice swirls.

wernnsai dinosaur centerpieces haning swirls

And fix the backdrop and happy birthday banners.

wernnsai watercolor dinosaur praty banner and cutouts
wernnsai watercolor dinosaur party backdrop party in a box
happy birthday party wernnsai dinosaur party party store party in a box

Then set the tables.

wernnsai happy birthday banner watercolor dinosaur party party store party in a box
wernnsai dinosaur party table setup cupcake stand party store dino party ideas
wernnsai watercolor dinosaur party dino party decorations dinosaur party ideas
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Give every dino-mite a party hat for fun.


wernnsai dinosaur party ideas and decorations

Let's have some dinosaur acitivies! —cooking & painting, pin the tail on the dinosaur, dart board game, bean bag toss game, and dinosaur name game.


wernnsai watercolor dinosaur apron
wernnsai dinosaur party game pin the tail on the dinosaur
wernnsai dart board and bean bag toss game
wernnsai dinosaur name game

Don't forget to remind the dinomites to take the adorable goodie bags home. They will have a blast!


WERNNSAI dinosaur party gift bags for dinosaur party
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 If you wanna see more dinosaur party planning for more ideas, here are a few for your reference. Besides watercolor dinosaur themed party, we also have pin dinosaur party for girls and fossil dinosaur party for kids who love dinosaur fossils. 



Hope you can find some inspiration for you little dino-mad and throw the best one ever for your little ones. Feel free to leave a comment! We'd love to be friends with you. Wish you and your family a very happy Year of the Tiger! Stay safe and healthy! 

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